Welcome to the Brigantia Technology
Partner Benefits Programme

Welcome to the Brigantia Technology Partner Benefits Programme

As a subscribing Brigantia technology partner this programme enables you to benefit from accessing a wide range of savings on everyday products and services. Even more savings can be made on business to business services by the business owner.

The programme includes one FREE subscription for each Brigantia partner business owner. A package of 5 additional subscriptions is available for employees, or family members, for an additional small monthly subscription payment of just £100 + vat. The value of these benefits Brigantia currently believes to be more than £1,000 per annum for those that fully embrace the programme and use all that is available.

As the Brigantia technology partner programme develops we will be adding some great opportunities to promote your business to a wider buying audience in your locality.

If you’re already a Brigantia technology partner, please log in and go to ‘My Benefits’ to start using the programme today, it’s free and it’s easy! If you’re not a Brigantia technology partner, why not join us? You can then enjoy the Brigantia Technology Partner Benefits Programme straightaway!